K2 DIESEL DICTUM (W325) - Injector Cleaner


K2 Diesel Dictum – removes all dirt and deposits in the fuel system of diesel engines. Dissolves deposits formed in high pressure pumps, injection moldings, injectors and pump-injectors.

Reduces smoking and irregular operation of diesel engines.

Reduces combustion, protects against corrosion and smoke. Increases the cetane number of the fuel.

Prolongs the life of the fuel system.

Safe for all components such as: fuel pump, turbocharger, EGR valve, DPF, catalytic converter and fuel lines.



Preventive applications: Pour the additive into the fuel tank and then refuel it completely. The content of the can is enough for 60-80L of diesel. Even a double overdose of the preparation is not harmful to the engine.

Engine problems applications:

  • Disconnect the fuel lines from the fuel filter..
  • Insert both: sunction and return fuel lines into the K2 Dictum can (in this way instead of fuel from the main tank, the high-pressure pump will directly suck K2 Diesel Dictum).
  • Start the engine, allow it to run at low speeds by burning the agent. Wait until the can will be almost empty.

Switch off the engine before using the entire agent to prevent the fuel system from aerating.

  • Reconnect the fuel lines
  • Add remaining agent to the fuel tank