OPTIMA C3 LSX 5W-40 - engine oil


A highly advanced long life engine oil with multiple applications. Ideally suited for use in VW PD engines as well as Vauxhall engines requiring the dexos2 specification. An optimised viscosity grade combining maximum protection with low temperature fluidity.  Approved to Ford specification WSS-M2C917-A.

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ACEA C3, API SN/CF, MB 229.51, BMW LL-04, VW 502.00/505.01, GM DEXOS 2, APPROVED TO FORD SPECIFICATION WSS-M2C917-A, RENAULT RN0700/0710, PORSCHE A40, FIAT 9.55535-S2
The product is available in the following quantities
  • 1 LT
  • 5 LT
  • 20 LT
  • 25 LT
  • 205 LT
  • IBC
  • Part
  • Full
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