TAURUS FS 5W-40 - synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil


Taurus FS 5W-40 is a fully synthetic heavy duty diesel engine oil which provides enhanced protection across a wide temperature range. It is formulated from premium synthetic base stocks, a sophisticated heavy duty additive package and shear stable polymer chemistry.

Taurus FS 5W-40 is an ideal choice for use in JCB Ecomax T4i engines as well as JCB Dieselmax T3 engines. In many models a SAE 5W-40 grade is the only acceptable viscosity where its combination of superior low temperature fluidity and high temperature stability is desired.

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API CH-4, CF, SL, ACEA E2, A3/B3, A3/B4, VW 505.00, MB 229.1, MACK EO-L, MAN 271, MTU TYPE 1, VOLVO VDS
The product is available in the following quantities
  • 20 LT
  • 25 LT
  • 205 LT
  • IBC
  • Part
  • Full
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