CrossChem ETEX Anfti-friction additive for diesel engines <16t (100ml)


Main benefits:
• Increases the motor resorces of machines and mechanisms.
• Restores the operating parameters of worn equipment.
• Reduces fuel consumption up to 15%.
• Reduces exhaust emissions.
• Reduces vibration and noise up to 30%.
• Reduces operating costs.
• Stabilizes and increases the compression and oil pressure.
• Protects during “COLD START-UP”.
• Decreases working temperature.
• Reduces corrosion.

ETEX, the full effect remains for the first 120,000 kilometres for vehicles or 2,000 engine hours for equipment. When changing the oil / grease within this mileage, no ETEX top-up is required.
Heavy machinery requires the use of two bottles of ETEX product!

User guide (two bottles must be used):
1. Vehicles engine oil must be used at least 3,000 km before ETEX treatment.
2. Warm up the engine to operating temperature.
3. Gently shake one bottle and add the contents of ETEX to the engine oil.
4. Start the engine and let it run idle for 10 minutes.
5. Stop the engine for 5 min.
6. Repeat steps 4-5 twice again.
7. Drive 300-500 km in quiet mode.
8. After completing point 7 repeat steps from steps 2 – 7 using the second ETEX bottle.
In order to obtain the highest technological effect, it is mandatory to follow the terms of use of the product, which in turn will give the best results.a

Carefully monitor the oil pressure after processing. ETEX provides thorough cleaning of the engine’s internal surface from soot and residual solid oil, which can block the oil filter and cause a drop in oil pressure. If the oil pressure in the engine drops, simply replace the oil filter with a new one; a oil change is not required.