K2 DOKTOR CAR SPEC 443 ML (T350SYNT) - reduces oil consumption, increases engine compression



K2 DOKTOR CAR SPEC has been developed and manufactured using the latest “NANOTECH” technology. Thanks to its properties, it significantly minimizes engine leaks. Increases the thickness of the oil film, contributing to less oil consumption during intense engine operation.

The product has great resistance to temperature changes and very high lubrication parameters, characteristic for synthetic oils. It has good fluidity at low temperatures. Seals the engine, increases its compression and reduces friction between parts. Mutes the engine and extends its service life. Keeps the interior of the engine clean. Eliminates smoking from the exhaust pipe.

It can be used in all types of engines, both old and new, gas and diesel. Also suitable for LPG or CNG fueled engines. It is miscible with all types of mineral and synthetic oils. Can be used with GL-5 grade gear oils to mute and seal the gear. Recommended especially for engines operating in extremely difficult conditions (driving in the mountains, in summer heat, at full load, frequent starting of a cold engine, city driving). Doesn’t contain harmful P.T.F.E.

Engine: depending on the degree of wear, use 1 can of DOKTOR CAR SPEC for 2 to 5 liters of engine oil.

Gearbox, rear axle: mix DOKTOR CAR SPEC only with GL-5 brand oils using 1 can for about 3 liters of oil.