K2 MILITEC-1 250 ML (T380) - synthetic oil treatment


MILITEC-1 is a synthetic oil treatment, which has been formulated using advanced nanotechnology. Active ingredients of the product react chemically within metal parts to ensure a constant molecularly-bonded lubrication for much better protection of the friction components – in form of a very thin and extremely durable protective coat.


MILITEC-1 can be used anytime and irrespective of the oil change or degree of wear. Use of bigger dosage than recommended won’t cause any negative impacts.

MILITEC-1 is miscible with all the engine, gear and hydraulic oils irrespective of their viscosity or quality class. The treatment is also very good miscible both with gas and petroleum.

MILITEC-1 can be added to the fuel systems of gasoline engines, incl. wet clutch engines.