K2 SIL 300 ML (K633) - silicone spray



K2 SIL –  100% SILICONE SPRAY is a fully professional product for the maintenance of elements made of rubber and plastic. Perfectly protects rubber seals in doors, trunks and other elements. It is odorless and water resistant.

Protects against corrosion. Compared to other products on the market, it contains up to 250% more active silicone. It does not contain grease or mineral oil. Temperature resistant from -50°C to + 250°C.



Motoring: Door and window seals and other rubber elements of the car equipment.

House: blinds, door hinges, drawers, exercise equipment.

Industry: packaging production forms – non-adhesive.



  1. Apply a thin layer of the product to the surface.
  2. If necessary, wipe the excess with a cloth.