K2 ULTRA WAX 250 G (K073) - carnauba hard wax



K2 ULTRA WAX is a high-quality, universal hard wax in the form of a paste designed for all types of paints (metallized, pearl, etc.) with which you can polish and finish the body of your car.

The specially formulated recipe combines the natural CARNAUBA wax and polymer nano molecules, so thanks to this combination an insulating layer is creating on the surface of the paint, which gives the effect of gloss and hydrophobicity which persists even after a few washes.

The body protected with K2 ULTRA WAX perfectly meets the damaging effects of atmospheric influences such as UV rays and acid rain, as well protects against road contamination. For best results, we recommend to clean thoroughly the paint before applying the product.



  1. Apply a little wax using a sponge;
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds for the wax to dry slightly;
  3. Polish with a dry, clean microfiber cloth.


Product index: K073