K2 WHITE GREASE PTFE 400 ML (W121) - white grease PTFE



It features with a unique formula, penetrates thoroughly in the form of foam and solidifies later. It reduces friction, removes moisture, eliminates creaks and protects against corrosion. It is ideal for lubrication of components mating at low tolerance values at the border of metal/metal or metal/plastic. It leaves a thick and extremely lubricating/protective layer which is resistant to action of weather conditions: it will not melt, flow down or freeze.

Application in motorization: speed meter, accelerator and coupling, sunroof components, clips, catches, seat guides, bearings, door hinges, wiper moving mechanism, battery terminals, bolts, suspension springs, trailer catch, etc.

Application in home: swinging door wheels, clips, catches, bicycles. Application in industry: machines and devices.