Brake repair

The car’s brakes and brake system are generally responsible for ensuring that the vehicle can be stopped without causing an accident. The car’s brakes are applied in every situation where a stop is made, the speed is reduced or an obstacle is avoided in order to avoid an accident. Car brakes are a very important part of a car and must be in perfect working order. Each car wheel has a brake disc and brake pads. When the brake pedal is depressed in the passenger compartment, the brake pads are pressed against the brake disc and the car begins to reduce speed, depending on the force applied to the pedal.

The most common problems are with brake pads. The brake pads are directly rubbed against the brake discs. For this reason, the brake pads often wear out the fastest. This defect can be noticed in several ways. New cars have sensors that transmit information to the car’s control unit, as a result of which the corresponding symbol lights up on the car’s dashboard, indicating that the brake pads need to be replaced or another problem has occurred. If the car does not have such sensors or they do not work, then you can rely on the sensations and sound produced during braking. If there is damage then the car may start to brake worse, the brake pedal must be pressed harder and the possibility of metallic friction sounds. If you hear a metallic sound even when you do not depress the brake pedal, but simply drive, you should definitely go to a service center to diagnose the brake system.

In addition to the wear of the brake pads, there are a number of other problems that can occur in the brake system. If you suspect that something is wrong and the car can no longer brake smoothly without vibrations or strange sounds, be sure to drive to a service center.